We offer rides from 1 hour up to 4 1/2 hours, for beginner and experienced riders. Groups are small in size, consisting of no more than 7 riders. This gives the opportunity for a more personalized tour and the ability to ask questions and discuss what you are seeing with your guide. We will gladly accommodate larger groups upon request with the addition of extra trail guides. DeAnn and I started this ranch in 2001, thru drought, floods, fire, wind, and some tough economic times we have enjoyed bringing this country to all the people that have ridden with us. Our horses and animals have been a source of strength and we thank you all for allowing us to ride with you. To our benefit we made an inquiry this year and were fortunate to have made some new friends. This friendship will allow us to continue growing our ranch, and continue offering you a chance to ride and hike in this beautiful land. We will begin offering you a booking and ride service that will permit us to also schedule our rides better for you, our wranglers and of course our dependable horses. Shortly you will see the name ZERVE on our web site, this name will assist you in making reservations, answering your questions, and paying for your rides. DeAnn and I will still be here and you may feel free to call us at any time for questions or reservations for our 7 SPRINGS RIDE. A busy year this year as we are also offering guided hikes, and NOW if your friends or family want to come and not ride while you do they may have a guided hike. Call www.takeahikearizona.com today at (480)-540-0360.

Thank you. Lee and DeAnn

Get info and buy rides online at book at zerve or call Zerve at (888) 580-4102.


1 Hour Desert Ride

Group Rides

A guided walking ride that takes you into the Sonoran desert where you will see a great variety of plants native to the region, from the pincushion and hedgehog cactus, prickly pear, barrel cactus, ocatillo, mesquite, palo verde, to the giant saguaro cactus. Did you know the saguaro cactus flower is the state flower of Arizona, and the saguaro doesn't grow it's first arm until it reaches 50 years old? Just one of the many facts you will learn about the desert on this ride.


Get info and buy rides online at book at zerve or call Zerve at (888) 580-4102.

1 1/2 Hour Ride

2, 3 or 4 Hour Rides
The horses cooling their hooves in the creek and getting a well deserved drink. (The creek does dry up in the dry season and is only available on 2hrs or longer).

We will take you through the valley of Saguaros, by an old prospectors claim, up and down slightly hilly terrain with great views and suitable for beginners. Bring a camera, you want to capture these images forever. Some of the animals living in our desert environment include; coyotes, javalina, bobcat, mule deer, tarantula, desert iguana, jackrabbit, gila monster and other assorted snakes and lizards. Keep your eyes peeled to see if you spot any of them on your ride.

Get info and buy rides online at book at zerve or call Zerve at (888) 580-4102.


2 or 3 Hour Rides

2 HOURS: We have 2 rides of 2 Hours both are moderate--accommodating both beginner and / or intermediate riders. North trail into the Tonto National Forest enjoy the lush growth of the riparian area of Cave Creek, and the beauty of the Tonto National Forest. In season you will be able to cross the waters of Cave Creek pictured above, traveling an old Stagecoach road. Years ago [1800's] in order to purchase a ticket the passnger must display a rifle and box of amunition, that went for men--women--and children. "Your life depended on that rifle"

Our South trail has more views, will travel a beautiful Saguaro Valley, past several old mines, this is a beautiful trail slightly sloping ups and down and all of the typical desert trees, shrubs, and cactus. Often we see deer on this trail so remember to bring your camers. Tall tales by the wrangler are free. Rides offered at multiple times of 9:30---12:00---2:30 Price $68.00 children - $73.00 Adults

Get info and buy rides online at book at zerve or call Zerve at (888) 580-4102.

[Beginner] 3 hours for those novice riders who want a taste of the great outdoors in one of the United States largest national forests,this is a beautiful ride along Cave Creek with some breathtaking views up Cave Creek Valley, ride past an old gold and silver mine. Offered at 9:00 and 12:00 Priced at $93.00 per rider + tax

Get info and buy rides online at book at zerve or call Zerve at (888) 580-4102.


Half day [4 1/2 hrs] Petroglyph Rides

Petroglyph Group Rides

Half day Petroglyph Rides are day rides into the Tonto National Forest. You'll stop to look at a magnificant PETROGLYPH rock, wildlife sightings are more frequent on these wilderness trails, and you'll enjoy the spectacular views of the mountains and desert landscape. This ride may be enjoyed by beginners, families, and intermediate riders. The rock art is as old as the hills, you may see animals, humans, stars, not very well understood, let your imagination carry you back in time. Bring your camers to share your memories of this wonderful place. This is my favorite ride and one of my getaways. Ride is offered at 8:30 and 1:00, Priced at $123.00 per adult and child rider + tax.

Get info and buy rides online at book at zerve or call Zerve at (888) 580-4102.

Minimum age to ride horseback at Spur Cross Stables is 5 years old, however we can accommodate younger ages in our Lil Buckaroos program for children who are not ready to ride alone.

Directions: If you are using a GPS to locate us please note that we are out in the country and the GPS systems will often drop you a mile short. The pavement will end so continue to drive 1 mile on dirt road. The road will automatically go through a big wooden arch labled "SCS", and right as you drive through that we will be immediately on your right hand side.

Address: 44029 N Spur Cross, Cave Creek, AZ


Permitted with the:

Tonto National Forest-State of Az Trust Lands

Spur Cross Conservation / Maricopa County Parks

Town of Cave Creek

Scottsdale Sonoran Preserve

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    Permittee with the Tonto National Forest and State of Arizona Trust Land.
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